Our Objectives


Anybody who has concerned himself and has reflected upon the state of Indian Education, especially about the state of Muslim education must be well aware of very high dropout rates after primary & secondary levels and a large percentage of those who manage to complete their tertiary education are not suitable for employment in the formal sectors of the economy.

Community’s enrolment in good universities and institutions of higher learning is no more than 3% compared to its share of 18% in the overall population of the country which is, consequently, reflected in the employment and economic activity. Several studies have shown that, it is not the lack of colleges and universities which result in low enrolment of Muslims in higher education, rather it is the very poor quality of primary and secondary education in public schools which results in very high drop-out rates and consequently low enrolment in higher education. Good quality private schools a few and too expensive for the bulk of the populace.

In view of the above diagnosis, the remedy should be obvious which is high quality basic education and that’s where the community must put its resources & efforts if it really desires a bright future and a fair share for its coming generations in tomorrow’s India. Further, it is our view that besides creating awareness of the importance of educational excellence in the community and building the necessary infrastructure, it is equally important to change the mind-set of the community. This requires sincere, enlightened and self-sacrificing leadership in order to change the attitude of the people, especially the young generation.

“Jahane taza ki hai afkar taza se hi namud – Ke sang-o- khisht se hotey nahin Jahan paida”

AZAM WELFARE & EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY(AWES) on its part has embarked on this generational journey since its inception and has managed to establish the first school, namely the HERA PUBLIC SCHOOL, PHADGUDIA as the first step of its mission statement.

This school is unique in more than one way; –

  • It offers a truly integrated curriculum at primary level whereby equal emphasis is placed on religious/moral education with excellence in English, Maths, Urdu and Hindi.
  • Social up-bringing (Terbiah) is a very important part of the education at this level. Efforts are made to inculcate positive human values of self- respect, humility, moderation, serving others and excellence in acquisition of knowledge to prosperity in this world as well as success in the hereafter.
  • The catch phrase used is, “Modern education in Islamic environment and Islamic education in modern environment.


  • Once the management and teachers gain enough experience and are confident of achieving excellence expressed in the Vision, we will embark on establishing a number of such Schools throughout the district of Azamgarh and beyond.
  • Establishing language training centre, a coaching centre for competitive exams and teacher-training programs.
  • The Society is looking around to acquire a sizeable piece of land (30 to 50 acres) to realize its concept of a TAALEEM-AABAD which envisioned to encompass: -
  • Residential schools for boys and girls.
  • Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs)
  • Orphanage and Old Folks Home
  • Hospital, nursing & Para-medical training facilities.
  • Development of Cottage and Micro-Industries.
  • Organizing mass educational awareness (Taalimee Karwan) campaigns.
  • Organizing health and environment awareness campaigns.