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Engr. Tarique Azam

  • B.Tech (Cvil Engg, IIT Madras1974), M.Engg(Geotech, AIT Bangkok 1975)
  • Experience of 40 Years and more than 200 projects
  • Retired as cheif executive of a public listed construction and engineering co.
  • Worked on projects in Malysia, Indonasia Middle east and North Africa.
  • President of Anjuman Urdu Malaysia
  • International Member (South East Asia) All India Education Movement(AIEM).

Chairman's Message

  • “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”
  • “Seek knowledge even if it is as far as China”
  • “Seeking of knowledge is a duty of every Muslim”
  • “Wisdom is the lost property of the believer, he should take it even if it is in the mouth of a Mushrik.

The distinctive mark of humans among the entire creation of Allah (SWT), including those in the angelic realm is knowledge. Quran’s very first revelation starts with the word:
“Read. Read in the name of thy lord who created…..(96:1-5)
And Allah taught Adam all the names ….(2: 31),( indeed all the names implies all the knowledge).
Are those who have knowledge equal to those who do not have knowledge? (39: 9)

According to Quranic perspective, knowledge is a prerequisite for the creation of just world in which authentic peace can prevail. Further, the concept of knowledge was all encompassing, without the division of secular(duniawi) and religious(deeni) education. During the early centuries of Islam, Muslims were master of both in light of the Quranic prescription of excellence and well-being in this world and the hereafter.

It was a considered fact that both science and religion(spirituality) are the two faces of the same ultimate reality and the real success will come only if we, as a Ummah, strive to excel simultaneously in both fields.

The establishment of the AZAM WELFARE & EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY and HERA PUBLIC SCHOOL is an earnest endeavour to achieve those higher purposes in the path of Allah through sincere and selfless service to humanity, indeed to all creations. May Allah SWT give us the strength, perseverance and bestow his mercy to keep striving, come what may.

JazakAllah Hu Khairan


Tarique Mohammad

(Vice President)
  • B.Com, (Delhi)
  • MBA Marketing and Applied Finance (Australia)

Tarique Mohammad completed his basic education from Azamgarh and B.Com (Honours) degree from Jamia Millia University New Delhi. Subsequently, he a completed Post Graduate Program in Marketing Management from the Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi.


Later on, he moved to Australia for professional studies and obtained his MBA in Marketing and subsequently completed his Master of Applied Finance degree as well.

He is currently working in Qatar as Zad Holding Company Group Chief Executive Officer. Zad Holding Company is a shareholding company listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. The group consists of multiple subsidiaries with diversified business interests and actively seeks financial investments globally.

Starting his career in 1996, Tarique has held various executive management positions across both private and public ownership companies over the last 24 years while working in Australia and the Middle East. He has travelled extensively throughout the world and has a good understanding of various cultures and broader political &economic issues.

Over the years, he has obtained extensive experience and knowledge in building organizational capabilities, delivering superior commercial results, business restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, financial investments and portfolio diversification as well as driving growth strategies.

His understanding of complex business processes, a keen eye on the ever changing economic and business environment, combined with his commercial and financial acumen has ensured the consistent growth of his career graph.