Karawan-e-Ta’leem-o-Traqqi 2014 is a sincere endeavor to bring-about not only an educational awareness but a positive change as well in the socio-economic condition of Muslims. The idea of Karawan has been initiated by Abrar Ahmad Islahi (Makkah Mukarramah) and Tarique Azam (Malaysia), however, this effort will not succeed, unless the community comes together to take responsibility for the current ground conditions of Muslims and bring-about positive changes. For this, we certainly need to have vision and mission:

  • To revive the concept of Excellent Community (خيرأمت)
  • To address the educational backwardness of Muslim community
  • To work for economic, social and political empowerment of the community
  • To encourage members of the community for community work
Areas of Urgent Focus
  • Introduce comprehensive curriculum that fulfills the religious needs and contemporary educational requirements.
  • Work for quality education at schools and colleges and organize teacher- training programs.
  • Meet 100% literacy rate and check dropouts in 8th, 10th and 12th classes.
  • Help meritorious students who face difficulties in continuing their education.
  • Set up committees to follow up government schemes and provide guidance and consultancy.

Regions to be covered by Karawan 2014:
This year’s Karawan will, Insha Allah, cover the districts of Azamgarh, Mau and Jaunpur from 11 to 21 October 2014 and will stop at the following places:
1) Azamgarh City, 2) Mubarakpur, 3) Mau City, 4) Muhammadpur, 5) Sanjarpur, 6) Saraimeer, 7) Phooulpur, 8) Lahideeh Bazar, 9) Shahganj, 10) Jaunpur.
Please refer to the Time Table page for the dates and coordinator’s names and contacts.

How to organize
  • Must be willing, motivated and take interest in community issues, specially education.
  • Persons involved in educational works like school - managers, committee members and teachers.
  • Persons involved in religious activities like Aalims, khateebs and imams.
  • Other imminent in the community like doctors, engineers, lawyers pardhans etc.

These 10-15 persons from every village, town or city ward are needed to work for above-mentioned mission and areas of urgent focus in the coming years.

The first and foremost work for the coordinators is to finalize the list of these selected persons and brief them on the Vision and Mission of the Karavan. They may appoint an assistant in each village to help in the task.

It is our earnest hope that this Karawan will metamorphose into a mass movement for quality education and empowerment of the community, the only path-way to success both here in dunia and in akhira, Insha Allah.

Let’s not curse the darkness, instead, light a candle.