Admission Procedure

The school offers admission to both boys and girls in Nursery and up to class 10th. Admission will be given in L K G to 5th based on test and interaction. Written test shall be based on the syllabus of Hera Public School and will be conducted on the schedule to be communicated. The candidate applying for admission to class other than Nursery and L K G shall be examined in English, mathematics, Urdu, Arabic & Theology. The admission test will be finalised on the basis of the performance in the written test and interaction.

A candidate selected for admission is required to provide the following documents at the time of admission and may be asked to bring original documents for verification later.

  • Birth certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Mark sheet
  • Three photographs of the student / applicant (passport size)

Fee Rule

  • Fee should be deposited from 1st to 10th of every month of the fee calendar, as specified in the fee booklet.
  • If the fee is not deposited on or before the 10th of every month, a fine of Rs. 30 per month will be levied as late fee.
  • The name of the student will be removed from the rolls of the school if he/she does not pay the fee for 3 months consecutively.
  • Re- admission will be done only on the discretion of the Principal after clearing all the dues along with the fine.
  • Students joining the school in the middle of the session (as transfer case) will have to pay the fee for the whole year.
  • Admission fee and all other charges will not be refunded if the student discontinues.
  • Non payment of fee may debar a child from appearing in examination. Report card and Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all the dues are cleared.
  • Fine of Rs. 5 per day will be imposed on absentees from the school without an informed leave.

Language Lab

The language lab of HPS is well equipped with audio visual aids, which aims at developing student’s language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing along with the ability to think. It also undertakes communicative tasks that would equip the student to use English in real life situation. The sole aim of the system is to listen attentively, to view carefully, to express an opinion confidently and above all to imbibe the norms of courtesy by using the following techniques.

  • Accurate pronunciation and phonetics.
  • Recording sentences.
  • Building vocabulary.
  • Effective English expression.
  • Developing Fluency & Accent.


The school library is well furnished and caters to the needs of teachers and students. It has more than 20,000 books on various subjects and topics in different languages. It also subscribes to daily newspapers, various children’s magazines, journals and periodicals.

Maths Lab

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics! This fact is transparently depicted with an innovative solutions like Maths Lab of HPS, where learning becomes easy and comprehensive. At Math Lab, students pave their path towards and engaging learning environment with the use physical models and varied equipment which brings Maths alive. The core objective of the Maths Lab is to foster activity-based learning that helps students to relate the subjects with thier day to day real life experiences. Most significantly, it also addresses the fobia of Maths among students and engages them to learn, analyze and discover ideas of their own rather than just mugging up formulae and theorems.

So let us make Mathematics fun and exciting by the following practices:-

  • Learning by various interactive activities.
  • Understanding mathematical concepts through physical models.
  • Conceptualization of abstract concepts through equipment.
  • Evaluation of students through wide-ranging exercises.
  • Bridging the gap between mathematics and the practical life.


Games and sports play a vital role in developing leadership qualities, physical co-ordination and sportsmanship in the students. To develop all these qualities in students HPS provides various options like Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Badminton, Football, Chess, Carrom, Ludo and Skating rink.

Educational Tour / Excursion

Regular visits are arranged to places of educational and historical importance. Excursions for the study of nature i.e. plants, animals, rocks etc. are arranged to Zoology and Geology department, Botanical gardens and museums to enable the children to get a first hand knowledge of the world around them. The school bus is arranged for most of these excursions and children of all the classes get ample opportunity to participate in them. These visits and educational tours and excursion form a part of the school’s educational plan and operation.

Academic Session

From *1st April to 31 March

*It may change. 


Summer: 1st June to 30th June

Winter*26th December to 10th January

List of holidays

Shabe Barat 1 Day
Eid-ul-Fitr 6 Day
Eid-ul-Azha 6 Day
Moharramm 1 Day
Holi 2 Day
Dashahra 1 Day
Diwali 2 Day


Prescribed school uniform

White shirt (with full sleeves) Maroon kurta
Pant(Maroon) White Salwar
Shoes black with shoe laces White Dupatta
Socks(Maroon) Shoe black
Sweater(Maroon) Socks(Maroon)