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Message From The Chairman Of The HPS

Education is not mere accumulation of facts but training the brain to think. Education is knowledge imbued with wisdom, piety and ethics. It develops the personality of the students, moulds their character and develops mental skills to help them to cope up with problems and challenges of the complex world of today.

About HPS

In the mid 1950s Phadgudia which is located at Km 45(about 3Km from Phulpur) along the Shahganj – Azamgarh Road (SH34) in the western part of Azamgarh, was a small village of about 50 households (30 Muslim and 20 Hindu families).

Those of us who went to school in that period would remember well Hafiz Abdus-Samad of Nonari who taught us the Quran and basic religious books at the house of Haji Mukhtar Saheb. After a few hours with hafiz jee most of the boys and some girls would attend the nearby Islamia Primary (Urdu medium) school in the village.


Bringing together people from all walks of life to interact and act jointly with an objective to educate, motivate, inspire and instill confidence in our young generation. Let’s eradicate miseries and evil practices from our society.

Initiate A CHAPTER

A Chapter can be initiated by the respective brothers in their city or country of residence. Basically, the local chapter may act as a medium between the local people and people in other chapters as well as the international community.


Any body who has concerned himself and has reflected upon the state of Indian Education, specially on the state of Muslim education must be well aware of very high drop out rates after primary and secondary levels.


It is our vision that in next 5 to 10 years, Insha Allah, we will have a fully equipped modern School system up to higher-secondary level for about 1200students providing an integrated education in a conducive and nurturing environment.

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Take a tour in Hera Public School and you will find the best school in Azamgarh. The video will take you to every place in this school.

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